Hamilton: I don’t want to go back to the fast pace of life

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Before the global coronavirus pandemic, Lewis Hamilton led an active social life, regularly attending all kinds of social events in between races. The Mercedes pilot said that in recent months he had a lot of time to rethink his life, and now he does not want to return to the past rhythm.

“I think we have learned a lot during this year during the pandemic, – quotes the words of Lewis Hamilton Racefans. – I spent many days at home in self-isolation, devoting this time to myself. On the one hand, it is not always great to stay in one place for so long, but on the other hand, I had the opportunity to think and appreciate everything.

In the past, we lived too fast. We moved from one track to another, attended various events. Life flashed by at a breakneck speed. I do not want to go back to the past rhythm when the pandemic is over. “

Lewis Hamilton added that he wants his new life priorities to be reflected in the new contract with Mercedes: “When I finally get a draft of the contract, we will discuss this moment. You have probably already heard Toto’s words that we cannot return lost time, and family is the most important thing in life. “

With six races to go to the end of the season, Lewis is 69 points ahead of Valtteri Bottas in the individual competition. Despite this advantage, he does not intend to slow down: “I cannot afford to let the ball out of my hands, I cannot take my eyes off the ball for a second.

Yes, I have an advantage and victories, but the championship has not yet been won, so the work is not finished. It is important to continue exercising, diet and sleep. ”



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