Lewis Hamilton it has been taken as a very personal matter to seek equality between whites and blacks, to the point that it may be a key factor to continue or not in the Formula 1.

The seven-time champion has pushed the competition where he is already a legend to promote the ‘End Racism’ campaign that they show before each Grand Prix, which together with his insistent and crushing messages to draw attention to inequality have led him to be named as the UK’s most influential black personality.

His sporting records and his activism make him one of the strong candidates to obtain the title of knight and become Sir Lewis HamiltonBut so far he has not been called from Buckingham for it, something he would like to get one day. This is what he has confessed at the BBC breakfasts.

In the same interview he referred to racism as an endemic disease that everyone suffers, and suffered for a long time in their own flesh.

“I remember when I was a child, adults, teachers, parents of other pilots, they told me that I would not make it. He told me: ‘You are not going to make it, go back to your country’ “, alluding to his skin color.” I remember all these horrible things and having thought that I was going to prove them wrong, “recalls the most successful pilot in history Formula 1, numbers in hand.

For this reason, when he mathematically conquered his seventh World Cup in the Turkish circuit, he sent a message so that the youngest would not give up and go for their dreams. “The message is for all children who feel they have no voice and may be dreaming of something or want to dream big,” he stressed.

Although now is when the issue has exploded the most, Hamilton says he felt powerless before. “Racism is something I’ve always talked about, but there have been times when I felt like I was fighting a system that was so great That I would never change And then, in 2020, it happened, “he recalls.

Thanks to him, Mercedes looks black and not silver as historically.

“This year has been really difficult in many ways and the constant stories of racial injustice have been traumatic for many of us. But as a community, we have responded in a way that has been incredibly inspiring. In my life, I have never seen so many people stand up and take a position against injustice “, welcomes a Hamilton who promises to continue in the gap.

“I will continue fighting until our voices are heard and until we live in a world that treats everyone the same, regardless of their origin or the color of their skin,” he says.