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The legend of Michael Schumacher, his unattainable pilot aura, has been left behind forever. He is no longer the untouchable owner of all the records that would never be broken in Formula 1 no matter how many years passed. Lewis Hamilton has caught him and sits on top of him. After the appointment at Istanbul Park, Grand Prix of Turkey, the Englishman already has seven world titles (one with McLaren -2008- and six with Mercedes -2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020), in addition to the top of range in victories (93 by 91 for Schumacher), podiums (162 against 155) and pole positions (97 and 68). It can be said, therefore, that from this Sunday Hamilton is the greatest in the history of F1.

Fourteen years ago, a teenager with personality appeared in F1. It was the year of maximum tension in the sports career of Fernando Alonso. 2007, McLaren, Hamilton, the seldom known schism in this sport. Hamilton was recommended by Ron Dennis, the skipper of the British team and showed the guts to sit at the same banquet as Alonso, who was double world champion and top F1 star at the time.

The episode of a turbulent year for Alonso was portrayed in those endless afternoons in the McLaren motorhome, where everything was bad faces, distrust and knives. McLaren had the best car and they both reached the final race in Brazil evenly matched. He didn’t win any, that’s what fights have. Raikkonen did. Alonso left the team and Hamilton stayed. The next year (2008) won his first title, that invisible overtaking of Timo Glock that left the Massa family with a decomposed face, who were already celebrating the title with Ferrari.

Hamilton then went to Mercedes, 2013, to replace precisely a Michael Schumacher who returned and failed in his return to F1. It was a risky decision because Mercedes was not the dominant team that it is now. In 2014, Hamilton and Mercedes won their first title. And the sequence has never ended. Except in 2016, Hamilton scattered by love affairs (he broke with singer Nicole Scherzinger) and title for his partner Rosberg), he has always won the World Cup. He is, along with Max Verstappen, the best rider on the current grid, with Alonso’s permission that he will return in 2021.

But the British shows other concerns. “Winning a World Cup is important on a personal level, but it doesn’t affect other people’s lives,” he says. «I am most proud of try to improve the lives of so many people in the world“He adds in relation to his new profile of activist against racial discrimination, the ecological movement and healthy food.

«The important thing about this year’s trip is that it has been combined with the fight for equality and a real growth process of learning what is happening around the world and be a little more aware of the environment and start to see progress with that, “he declares.

Hamilton, who earns 40 million a year from Mercedes And he is in negotiations with the team to renew, he has slipped the possibility of leaving Formula 1 to dedicate himself to his parallel world of activist for the rights of the most disadvantaged. It should not be ruled out that the Briton, who will turn 36 in January, will shelve his sequence in Formula 1 and decide to retire now that he has Schumacher’s record and seems more interested in the outside world than in the universe of circuits.

The Subway Employee’s Son, raised in a London dormitory town, turned into a rock and roll star over the years, he no longer enjoys the pleasures of life so much that he gained his driving skills if he does not stir consciences from his top position as first ambassador of Formula 1.



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