Lewis Hamilton will start from pole for the 96th time in his sporting career to seek a legendary figure this Sunday: if he wins the Russian GP he will achieve his 91st victory and thus equal the historic record Michael sSchumacher.

However, although this forecast for Saturday was quite easy to make, the hexacampeón has been very close to not achieving it. In fact, he almost missed out on Q3 and forced out from a poor 15th position.

Q2 was a disaster for him. First, because on his first attempt at a fast lap he got out of track limits In the last corner of the circuit, the time set was eliminated by the stewards. Consequently, he was left with only one attempt to do it, no margin for error, and when he was at it, Sebastian Vettel had an accident that caused a red flag.

The clock ticked 2 minutes and 15 seconds: that’s the time Hamilton would have left to make a lap in the top ten.

The problem is that many other drivers also went looking for their time in that margin, with which the big favorite found a lot of traffic on the track. That, a small mistake in the first chicane due to the cold wheels and the stress of the situation made him almost unable to make the necessary lap in Q2 with a useful time. Crossed the finish line in the last second, literally.

Then in Q3 everything was relatively normal. Hamilton scored a new pole, left his partner with a face of circumstances and even Verstappen he slipped between the two, with which the Dutchman will start second and wanting to leave the British without a record already Netflix without one of its most anticipated chapters of the third season of ‘Drive to Survive’.

The Netflix curse: why is there fear in Mercedes?

Netflix began its F1 documentary series with two notable absences. Neither Mercedes nor Ferrari allowed recording in their garages for the first season, but given the success they had they allowed it for the second, corresponding to the 2019 season.

In it, the VOD platform chose the German GP to record on the silver arrows team, since celebrated their 125 years in motorsport. Cars were dyed white, team members wore commemorative clothing … The occasion was worth it.

The problem is that the sporting result was disastrous. Bottas left by an accident and Hamilton could only be 9th after the initial problems in the race. Those responsible for Mercedes took it with philosophy, although Toto Wolff, the boss, pointed out that it was already a coincidence that it had been in a commemorative race like this and with Netflix present.

“That made a very interesting chapter for the series, but we hope that this time they have great content and a great career,” he ironically.