Halo Infinite It continues to present problems in its development and now it has been left without the main director of the title.

First, the game presented a surprising delay and now Chris Lee, boss 343 Industries, confirmed in an interview that he will no longer be part of the work team.

The news is surprising, especially after having had the opportunity to talk with Lee about the project, who assured that Halo Infinite would be a spiritual reboot. Now, we wake up with the news that he will stop working on the video game of the franchise.

Chris Lee announced that he is retiring from development after overseeing most of the project thus far, making him the second director to lose the game in a matter of two years.

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“I have retired from Infinite and am looking for future opportunities. I believe in the team and I am confident that they will deliver a great game, so now is a good time for me to withdraw from the project, “he explained.

Halo Infinite It will be the next installment of this successful and acclaimed action game saga and initially it was going to be the great title that would accompany Xbox Series S Y Series X the day of its launch, although it was announced that it would not be like this finally and that its arrival would be delayed due to the cold reception of the fans to its first gameplay.

After the delay, Lee was left out, since Microsoft recruited Joe States, a veteran of the series, to lead the campaign, while Pierre Hintze He went on to take care of its multiplayer, which would explain the director’s decision to abandon the project.

Chris Lee, in 343 Industries Since its foundation, it will remain within Microsoft, the company explained in a statement sent to Bloomberg.

“Chris continues to be an employee of Microsoft, and although he has abandoned his role at Halo Infinite, we appreciate all that he has done on this project to date,” the company explained in a statement.

The development of the game seems that it is not being easy at all. In August 2019, 343 Industries lost its creative director, Tim Longo, and its executive producer, Mary Olson, at which time the direction of the work passed into the hands of Lee.

While there is currently no confirmed release date, its final version is expected to debut sometime next year.

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Hopefully the future of Halo Infinite can vindicate itself and do honor to the saga that has been expanding its universe for almost two decades.