Halloween Pumpkins Pack for Element 3D

Looking for a Halloween pumpkins pack to add some spooky flair to your Element 3D designs? Look no further than this comprehensive set!

The Ultimate Halloween Pumpkins Pack for Video Copilot’s Element 3D v1.6.1


Halloween is knocking on the door, and what better way to greet it with spooky pumpkins? If you are an AE enthusiast or a professional video editor looking for high-quality pumpkin models optimized specifically for Element 3D, then look no further! This article will introduce you to the ultimate Halloween Pumpkins Pack created by CG Duck.

What Does The Pack Contain?

The pack includes six high-quality and accurate 3d models of Halloween pumpkins in .obj file format that are optimized specifically for Element 3D. These models come with six model presets that have textures and materials applied. Additionally, there are four color textures included: two color textures and two specular textures in dimensions of 2048×2048 each.

The Best Thing About The Models:

The best thing about these pumpkin models is their realistic design; they perfectly capture the essence of Halloween without being excessively cartoonish or unrealistic like other packs available out there.

Furthermore, these elements can be easily tweaked according to your requirements within After Effects using either texture replacements or custom shaders – this makes them highly customizable!

Not only this but since they’re designed specifically for use within Video Copilot’s popular plugin “Element” (which allows users access to a wealth of additional features), you’ll get excellent performance while working on your projects even if you’re running low-end hardware!

Halloween Pumpkin Models

Pumpkin Model Presets

.Obj Files Used In Photoshop

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