To the rhythm of the song “Thriller”, a version performed by the United States Air Force Strolling Strings, the presidential couple appeared, holding hands.


For half an hour, dozens of children, some accompanied by their parents, paraded and presented their costumes. Donald and Melania Trump, who did not wear sanitary masks, greeted them, and the candies, which they had personally offered in other years, were waiting for the children at one end of the space dedicated to the event.

Angels, astronauts, pirates, cartoon characters, witches and dinosaurs passed in front of them. Among the protagonists of the evening were a boy and a girl who were dressed as Donald and Melania Trump. The president, obviously impressed, told them to come back to take photos together and remarked that the boy “likes the press”.

Donald Trump greeted military-style children dressed as soldiers, posed next to a child in a wheelchair, and was intrigued by a “hot dog” costume, asking for confirmation.

The musical program of the evening included songs from “Game of Thrones” and “Phantom of the Opera”, and the entrance to the White House was specially decorated for the occasion.

Most of the children and guests wore sanitary masks, but along the way, there were times when physical distance was not respected.

Kayleigh McEnany, a White House spokeswoman, was also present at the event, along with her 11-month-old daughter. The head of the cabinet, Mark Meadows, went out to observe the festivities, talked to the children and helped to streamline the parade.

Halloween caroling is a tradition marked annually at the White House since 1958, when First Lady Mamie Eisenhower decided to decorate it for the holiday.

This year’s guests were front-line workers, military families and schoolchildren.

All people over the age of 2 were asked to wear a sanitary mask and keep their physical distance, and those who worked at the event were asked to wear a mask and gloves.