Hallein in Austria is hit by floods

Austria can also be involved in flooding. Unprecedentedly heavy rain transformed a stream into an raging torrent, flooding parts downtown Hallein. A flood inundated the town near Salzburg, including cars, according to social media photos.

To rescue those trapped inside their homes, rescuers used trucks and boats. According to the fire department, there had been no reports of missing people, injuries, or deaths by Saturday evening. According to authorities, the water level has decreased.

An earlier police spokesperson said that “the situation is very critical, partially dramatic.” The public was warned about the extreme conditions expected and told not to go into the cellar. According to the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper, Mayor Alexander Stangassinger had previously spoken of a disaster. For those without shelter, an emergency center was set up at a school.

Tyrol and Vienna have also been affected by severe weather. Some areas received 80 millimeters in rain within a very short period.

To protect against flooding, a flood defence system was built in Salzburg along the Salzach River. Kufstein advised residents not to abandon buildings and to seek refuge on higher floors. Water from the Inn’s tributaries is already reaching the streets in the urban area. Due to possible landslides, a street was closed.

Rainstorms can flood Vienna’s tunnels and cellars. More than 500 times, the fire brigade was called to help.



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