Hakkinen: Racing incident between Verstappen, Hamilton

Mika Hakkinen, a two-time Formula 1 world champion Mika believes that the collision between Lewis Hamilton (former champion) and Max Verstappen at the Grand Prix of Great Britain last Sunday was a ‘racing accident’.

After winning Saturday’s first sprint race in Formula 1, Max Verstappen was on pole position for the British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton was the next driver to reach the front row. The lights went out and the title contenders got into a fierce duel. It ended in tears just before the end. Hamilton tried to take Verstappen out of Copse Corner. He hit Verstappen with his left front tire. It skidded off the track, and stopped in the tire stack.

Verstappen’s race ended in a lap. Mika HAKkinen enjoyed the match between the drivers who were at their best. “Max is very confident,” said the 1998 and 1999 world champion in his column for Unibet. He has won five Grands Prix this season and leads the world championship. He had a great start and had no intention of handing over his position to Lewis easily, especially in such a fast corner that ends in a complex of three corners – Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel – where overtaking is not really possible Lewis has just as much confidence in himself and his car He has already had so many successes and so much experience meaning he is very focused on winning and taking his position on Max.”

Copse corner was the final stop for the game after 53 seconds. Hakkinen said that the collision was an accident of racing. “When you race at those speeds and go for the win, sometimes things like this can happen. You cannot withdraw as a top driver who is competing for the world championship. Our job is to race, and I know from personal experience that when you race wheel to wheel there is always the possibility that the cars will touch.”

Hakkinen was shocked at the force of the accident. “When I saw them touching, I got up and thought ‘Oh my God’ because it’s such a fast corner. It’s very fast and you don’t want to shoot at it. Max was not hurt. It’s another sign of how strong these cars are and the fantastic job the FIA ​​is doing to make sure you can walk away after such a collision. At 51G, this is the kind of impact that would not have been easy to survive in the past.”

Hakkinen sees a new phase in the fight between Hamilton & Verstappen as we look ahead to the rest. “An accident like this will really light the fire between these guys and their fight for the world championship. Both will not want to repeat the accident but they’ll be determined to keep their feet on the gas next time they are in an exciting match. We will see them continue to fight for the remainder of the season. It’s going to be really fascinating.”


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