Although Game Boy was Nintendo’s flagship portable console for years, the latest iteration was the familia Game Boy Advance, whose life span was from 2001 to 2010.

Nintendo DS was the successor of Game Boy, but there was a time when Nintendo had planned to continue this last line, as evidenced by the most recent leak of information courtesy of hackers.

Twitter user WaluigiBSOD posted that evidence of IRIS, a canceled successor to the Game Boy Advance SP whose manual shows that it was a kind of primary Nintendo DS.

In the leaked documentsdating from 2004, it can be seen that IRIS was in the draft and that it would have had at least the A, B, select, start, L, R buttons and the directional pad.

This finding serves as further proof that Nintendo once considered that Game Boy and Nintendo DS could coexist as portable platforms (even the Game Boy Micro review came a year after the DS was released), but as we know that idea was scrapped as the second one positioned itself in the taste of consumers.


This is not the first leak related to the development of laptops canceled from Nintendo.

Recall that we recently learned that one of the company’s plans was to launch a portable version of the GameCube, from whose diagrams it is observed that since then Nintendo already had in mind to develop a hybrid hardware that, in addition to boasting portable properties, was linked to a television through a dock (technology that was finally achieved until the Nintendo Switch).

It is also worth clarifying that the demise of the Game Boy was not planned, and that the development of the DS obeyed an original idea of ​​Hiroshi Yamauchi, president of Nintendo from 1949 to 2002, regarding the importance of developing a dual-screen portable device.