Practically no one is safe from cybercrime, much less politicians, who have to implement more security filters than ordinary users. A hacker claimed to have accessed the account of Donald Trump and Twitter.

A hacker, of Dutch origin, Victor Gevers, claimed to have discovered the password of the Twitter account of Donald Trump, the current president of the United States.

“It was not difficult at all because I did not have additional security, nor did I use a complicated password; accessed with “maga2020!”, the hacker mentioned after several attempts.

The password, in theory, would refer to the initials of his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” (Make America Great Again).

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In accordance with Volkskrant, Givers he had access to the president’s account after having cracked his password.

The expert is an analyst who is dedicated to looking for vulnerabilities and, according to his statements, the magnate’s account did not have a two-step verification, which allowed Givers try your luck with simple passwords.

However, it seems that this would not be the first time that something similar has happened, since the hacker he had accessed with the password “yourefired” (you are fired) in 2016 when Donald Trump was running for president.

Contrary to what anyone might think, the hacker He did not take advantage of the situation, nor did he download the president’s private information, so he decided to contact the White House admitting that he published a tweet on behalf of the tycoon.

The content in question refers to The Babylon Bee, a site of satire similar to The Onion and is still kept on the president’s account:

Once inside anyone’s account, you can tweet, change your password or profile picture, and even download a file with private messages, but hackers like Gevers, dedicated to “responsible disclosure” or “ethical », They only warn users and companies about vulnerabilities in their accounts.

Attempts to alert the president, his team in the White House, the campaign, and even members of his family about the security of the account Twitter failed, but days later, the US secret services contacted Givers to thank you for the notice. Trump changed his password and activated double verification.

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According Givers, the fact that Trump Use a simple password is because the president is over 70 years old and finds it difficult to use two-step verification.