Haaland hat trick and Ødegaard show against Romania: – Finally he came to his senses

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ULLEVAAL STADION (VG) (Norway – Romania 4-0) This is the combination all Norwegian football fans have dreamed of: Martin Ødegaard (21) as waiter and Erling Braut Haaland (20) as finisher.

The stars even offered a wish list before the striker completed his first hat trick on the national team.

– I have to pay tribute to him here, Haaland said and patted Ødegaard on the head during the interview shown on TV 2 right after the match.

– Finally he came to his senses and played me, said the hat trick hero with a smile.

– A little sad that we are doing so well today, and not on Thursday, Ødegaard admitted.

At the press conference afterwards, national team manager Lars Lagerbäck repeated what he has said earlier about Erling Braut Haaland. He has never had a striker who has been so good at such a young age – not even Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Sweden.

He still thinks it would be wrong to compare the two, not least because there are two different types of players.

– As a goal scorer, he holds a high international class. I will wait until he has grown up, then I will start comparing him with others, says the national team manager.

put a damper on the mood towards Sunday’s Nations League showdown, but it only took 13 minutes before the two famous candlesticks came with a reminder that the future may not be so dark after all.

“That link will be green”, Haaland promised about the Ødegaard collaboration recently, and for the first time the Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund star created a national team goal together. Ødegaard led the ball, stopped a bit and waited for his teammate’s run, before leaving a perfect pass in the back room that Haaland took with him and placed behind the Romanian goalkeeper.

– It’s a luxury. When I get the ball, all I have to do is get it in the back. He starts perfectly and almost never goes offside, it’s just a matter of easing it behind, waiter Ødegaard explained when asked about the value of having Haaland in front of him.

After just over an hour, they did it again: Ødegaard took the ball down on his chest alone in the 16-meter and could have tried well on goal himself, but instead rolled the ball to the Dortmund striker who applauded his friend after putting in his second for the evening.


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