Gypsy blouse and belly: the look of Biah Rodrigues in live. Look!

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Biah Rodrigues is closely watching another live by Fernando and Sorocaba in this quarantine. “My favorite live, are you ready?” Asked Theo’s mother, who delighted the web after completing 5 months of life wearing a beret and a bib. For the occasion, the model bet on a country look composed of boots, jeans, white gypsy blouse, hat and a huge buckle with the mark of the sertanejos. “Girl with a buckle,” he joked, citing the duo’s new hit. The highlight of Biah’s look, however, was the details of the blouse on the front that left her flat belly exposed. “Powerful,” praised a follower. “Respect that cowgirl,” joked another. “Humiliating with that dry body right after having a child,” said another Internet user.

Biah Rodrigues teaches trick for light skin

To highlight the lap, Biah Rodrigues bet on a trick: “Look at the secret: Skelt Cosmetics. I like to spend it here to give that shoulder shine. It is very wonderful, very beautiful and gives this effect [brilhoso]”Miss Distrito Federal 2018 also said that she used a self-tanning cream the night before to get her skin tanned without having to expose herself to the sun.

Biah Rodrigues talks about healthy eating

Still breastfeeding her son Theo, Biah Rodrigues said that she returned to exercise as soon as she was released by the doctor and, since then, has been eating well to keep her body in shape and the baby nourished. “‘Diet’ is not about eating little, but about knowing what you are eating. I can already tell you: lactating women must eat real food: vegetables, fruits and lots of water. This is not new, right?”, He asked. The model also rejected criticism of her lifestyle and assured that her son is very healthy: “I’m finding it hard to hold him in his lap, it’s so heavy,” she joked.

Biah Rodrigues credited change in mood to physical exercises

Happy to have resumed his fitness routine, Biah Rodrigues guaranteed that exercising brings much greater benefits than just a fit body. “It is impressive the difference it makes when we are exercising and maintaining a good diet. I was able to notice a big difference this week that I started to eat right, eat well and train. It is surreal”, he said. And he added: “I can see this difference in my mood and mood. Even with sleep deprivation, I can feel more willing and pay attention to everyone. Before I just wanted to sleep, sleep and sleep.”

(By Carmen Moreira)


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