Gwyneth Paltrow’s eccentric holiday gift list

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Increasingly dedicated to her company, the actress draws attention to the atypical and expensive products offered by her brand.

With a profile more focused on the businesswoman than the actress, Gwyneth Paltrow is lately dedicated to her company Goop, putting aside her film career for now. Paltrow’s business is focused on wellness, but the products it usually offers are more than curious and have even sparked more than one controversy.

With Christmas very near, the actress drew up a list of possible gifts for the Holidays that, once again, was mocked for the scandalousness of the proposal, even more so taking into account the context of a pandemic that is going through the entire world.

As atypical as everything that arises from your company, among the gifts that can be purchased at Goop, there is a table of the “ouija” (a wooden board that has an alphabet and numbers with which spirits are supposed to be contacted) or a vulvas coloring book.

What is striking about your wellness company is not only its unusual products but also the fact that it is she who promotes them.

From your social networks, like Instagram, where he has more than seven million followersPaltrow is an avid seller of her products, the same ones that many criticize her as absurd.

“In these times of greater uncertainty, we stick to what we know and if there is something we know, it is the gift guides. It will be easy for you to navigate on my website. What we have selected meets the needs of all,” he explained together with a series of images showing some of the recommended gifts for this Christmas.

Among the items mentioned on his list, in addition to the “ouija” table for spiritualistic practices, valued at $ 2,000, he also includes a $ 125,000 electric Volkswagen. But considering all budgets, there are also cheaper options like a Hermés electric skateboard for $ 4,425.

The idea of ​​Paltrow is to offer products for all ages and tastes, covering the widest possible audience. That is why it also has gifts designed for boys such as an arcade console for playing pong (part of the first generation of video games), valued at $ 4,500. Or a writing robot, much cheaper, for only 500 dollars, or a homemade kit to make temporary tattoos that costs a few hundred dollars.

Although it is true that electronic products predominate among those present, there are also other variants for those who prefer something more classic, such as household items.

In this area it offers from a Disney lamp, which costs $ 15,000To a pyramid shaped dresser for no less than $ 35,000, or a Gucci chair for $ 2,600.

But that object is not the most expensive. The highest price is a bathtub of 100,000 dollars. At the far more accessible other extreme, you can buy a portrait of an animal for just $ 66.

Among the products of his brand that were criticized were scented candles. According to Gwyneth, one had the fragrance of her own vagina and another, that of an orgasm. Both were created by herself and cost $ 75. “It’s a sexy, surprising and tremendously addictive scent,” explained the actress.



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