Gusttavo Lima sings music without Andressa Suita and audience points out: ‘Sad’

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Netizens point out sad face of Gusttavo Lima: ‘Weight loss’

Gusttavo Lima’s face was the subject of many comments on social media. Several netizens commented that the singer was sad during the show. “I’m surprised at how much he lost weight,” commented one. “He is suffering. Thin and dejected,” said another. “The suffering is even more real,” said another. “It seems that he is suffering, yes,” pointed out another. The singer went public days after announcing the separation to declare that the end of the marriage had not been “out of nowhere”.

Fans remember Gusttavo Lima’s depression show concern: ‘I hope you are well’

On social media, fans recalled that Gusttavo Lima suffers from depression and even canceled shows because of the disease. “He had depression when he lost his mother. I hope he gets well. I like him very much,” said one. “People commenting that, on the live just now, Gusttavo Lima did not seem happy at all and remembered that he said he was not happy at the wedding. I remembered that he has depression. At another point in his career, he canceled shows due to illness” , quoted another.


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