Gusttavo Lima pronounces on pension to Andressa Suita and children: ‘You don’t have to go to the judge’

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Gusttavo Lima does not intend to go to court after the end of the marriage with Andressa Suita. The singer and the model confirmed the separation last Friday (9), after five years of union. Both are parents of Gabriel, 3 years old, and Samuel, 2 years old. In conversation with columnist Leo Dias, Gusttavo talked about his children’s pension and said he will pay the required amounts, whatever. “Do you have to pay R $ 100 thousand in pensions? I’m going to pay and it’s over … And that’s not something that has to go to the judge. I’ll settle with her. Andressa is also entitled to a pension, okay, I pay. I just want to get well. Stay in peace “, he said this Tuesday (13th).

Gusttavo Lima confirms separation from Andressa Suita

Last week, Gusttavo commented on the end of the relationship and assured that there was no betrayal. “Just as I entered the relationship, I wanted to go out the front door. No mess, no betrayal. We have two children to raise for the rest of our lives. Our relationship has always been very peaceful. And nothing can affect the raising of our children. But, unfortunately, it was better that way. We have a greater purpose than anything, which is to raise 2 children, which will be filled with a lot of love and dedication. Friendship prevails above all, “he declared.

Singer speaks about end of marriage

Gusttavo also spoke through the press office and explained that the breakup happened “after normal wear and tear on the relationship”. “We confirm that the singer Gusttavo Lima is separated from the model Andressa Suita. The end of the marriage occurred after a normal wear and tear of the relationship. We inform that there was no fight or betrayal. Any information that is circulating in this sense is untrue. The artist will not comment further the friendship, affection and respect continue, in addition to the greater mission, the creation and education of the couple’s two children “, he said in a note.

Model comments end of union with backcountry

On social media, Andressa revealed that the wedding “was not a fairy tale”. “As for you, it was also a shock for me. Until last Sunday everything was fine. We had just arrived from a family trip, just as I posted here for you. In the early hours of Sunday to Monday, I was woken up and told that no it was more possible for us to continue as a couple. Without any complaints, without any reason and without opening for me to save our marriage. My life has always been an open book. I have always shared with you what I thought was real. fairy tale, we had problems like any other couple, but nothing to the point of separating us. What I had left was to accept. Not that I agree, but I had no other choice “, he clarified.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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