Gustavo Alfaro: “It is not the same that Lionel Messi does not play, but Argentina managed to have a structure”

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The brand new coach of Ecuador left his impressions on videoconference for the first match of the Qualifiers, which will be precisely in La Bombonera.

The South American Qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup will begin in just over a month, and the National Team’s debut against Ecuador will have an old acquaintance of the Argentines on the substitute bench: Gustavo Alfaro, the former Boca coach who took over in the Ecuadorian team and will make its debut in the game scheduled for the October 8th in the Bombonera.

In a virtual conference, Clarion He asked him how much Argentina will lose without Lionel Messi in that long-awaited debut. According to Alfaro, although obviously the absence will not go unnoticed, Argentina has weapons to be a fearsome rival beyond that setback.

“It’s been a long time since a team without Messi was talked about or was not conceived, I said that Argentina should have a Plan B, in case he got injured or was expelled. In that aspect, obviously, Messi’s incidence is significant, It is not the same whether he plays or not. But that it will not invalidate Argentina, which did well in this time of transition, where it already has a base group formed, and it did so before the last Copa América. They have lined up inward. “

Alfaro added on this issue: “Messi’s presence is always different, different, because there are no means to control him, it is a plus to have him because he is one of those players who by themselves solve what a team does not, with individual inspiration. No It is the same whether he is there or not, but Argentina with or without Messi can have a high level. They achieved a structure that contains the players, beyond the details. They made a group inside and that is an advantage. “

Alfaro also spoke of a remembered phrase he left when his cycle in Boca was closing: “I want to go home and get my life back.” And he also explained why he did not direct again until the proposal for Ecuador. “That statement was taken out of context, because as there was a political issue due to the elections, I marked that I would have only continued if the ruling party continued and that otherwise I was going to go home to get my life back. Then I felt that I should put a pause on it. and it was clear to me that my job was going to be outside the country. For years I thought about going outlining myself towards a National Team “.

Although he did not provide details, he also announced that he is already thinking about playing against Argentina in the Bombonera. “I have an idea of ​​how to play and the names. The teams are born more in the heads of the coaches than in the field of play, although those who start are not those who finish because of what they show me on the field. You have to think about Argentina and Uruguay, in the context of everything. Players who will be in the first and others who will not. It is also difficult to determine the logistics of the arrival of the players to the country first and to Argentina later. “

Alfaro did not hesitate to explain the objectives that he set for his process. “We will work to be in the World Cup in Qatar, it is the challenge and the work we all have. I feel it as an obligation,” he said.

Then he marked what it will represent to play the Copa América in 2021: “If I have the choice between going to the World Cup or having a good Copa América, I choose the former. It is part of the way to get to Qatar. It will be time to have a whole squad together, as you don’t have in the Qualifiers, and know where we stand. But I also say that in every place I go I always aspire to the maximum and in every place I play to be champion. Where is it written that Ecuador cannot be champion?”.

The coach also described how you see the scenario of the candidates to qualify for the World Cup. “All the National Teams have strengths and weaknesses. The South American Qualifiers are the most difficult in the world and are long. It cost Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay as well; Colombia comes with growth, Venezuela speaks of its golden generation. And Ecuador should not feel less than anyone. “



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