Gunther Steiner on Schumacher, Mazepin and Ferrari engines

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Haas is one of the few Formula 1 teams that still has vacancies for next season. In recent weeks, rumors of who might get behind the wheel of the American team’s cars in 2021 have been actively discussed in the paddock. Team leader Gunther Steiner said that he would like to sign a contract with Mick Schumacher, but doubts that Ferrari will give him their promising driver.

“Hopefully we will soon announce the roster for next season,” Gunther Steiner told AvD Motorsport Magazin. – Everyone wants to know who will go for us, and we also want to know that. It is important for me that the riders with whom we will cooperate in 2021 remain with us in 2022. In the face of changing regulations and a new car, we want to know well the riders with whom we will work.

There are very strong drivers in Formula 2 this year, and there are also many free candidates on the pilot market. However, one thing is clear: we are working with Ferrari, and if we decide to invite someone from Formula 2, then most likely it will be the racers of the Ferrari Racing Academy.

Of course, the name Schumacher is one of the most famous in Formula 1. Mick performs well this year, leads the individual standings in Formula 2. Who would not want to get Schumacher into his team, and even fast? But the decision depends on Ferrari. We can tell them that we want one or another of their pilots, but I know what contracts are concluded in Scuderia with their youth. Only Ferrari can decide where their riders will compete. “

Speaking about the chances of Nico Hulkenberg to play for Haas, Steiner said: “We are considering all the options, but before making a decision, the team must know exactly what it wants. We know what Nico is capable of, and in Formula 1 he is respected, but we do not negotiate if we do not know what we want. In recent weeks, I have rarely spoken to Niko and his managers, but we keep in touch. “

Gunther Steiner commented on the rumors about the sale of the Haas team to Russian businessman Dmitry Mazepin: “Haas is a young team, but the pandemic has set us back a year or two. At the beginning of the year it was not easy for us to keep the team, and we did not know how it would end. Jin Haas signed the Agreement of Accord for the next five years, so now I must restore everything.

Some people want us to want to sell the team so we can buy it cheap, but Gene Haas isn’t selling anything. I don’t think that Mr. Mazepin said that he wants to buy the team. I have known him for several years, since he has his own teams in Formula 2 and Formula 3. I constantly communicate with him and I can say that he is very competent and pleasant to talk to.

Mr. Mazepin wants his son to compete in Formula 1, and Nikita wants this even more than his father. Mazepin has his own large company, Uralkali, which sponsors the Formula 2 team. I need to find out what our team is striving for, and when we clarify this issue, we will make a decision. I talk to Mr. Mazepin in the same way I talk to Hulkenberg. “

Steiner also said a few words about the lack of power in the Ferrari engines, due to which Haas is not able to regularly compete for points: “The refinement of the regulations on the motors at the end of last year led to the fact that Ferrari had a power shortage. They explained to me that they did not have enough time to adapt the engine to the new rules. We still have patience, but if the engine doesn’t get better next year, they will have to give new explanations.

Do not forget that without Ferrari we would not be in Formula 1, so now we need to be patient. Today’s results are not impressive – and that’s putting it mildly, but I think that Ferrari will return to the position in which it should be, but you have to wait.

Next year Renault will not have client teams and can provide us with their engines. Another thing is that we buy from Ferrari not only engines, but also suspension elements with a gearbox. However, we are studying the market situation as we cannot afford the current situation to continue for many years. But I’m sure Ferrari will do it. “



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