Gunter Steiner: Two months ago we got back to work

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Haas F1 Chief Executive Gunther Steiner on the Imola stage expectations and the new machine …

Q: Imola will host the first official two-day Formula 1 weekend. You said before that two-day weekends would increase the number of races in the season …
Günther Steiner: We need to see how everything goes in Imola with a single workout. Due to the weather and at the Nurburgring, everything was limited to one workout – and everything worked out there. I think this is a doable task. We can use this format to increase the number of races without the additional burden on staff.

Question: This year the stages are held on different tracks – on new ones, on those where no races have been held for a long time, like in Imola. Which is better – a stable calendar or alternating stages?
Günther Steiner: I am always for novelty and brightness, but the financial issue is also very important. If the stage adds emotions, but does not bring money, we will not be able to afford it. But overall, I like the idea of ​​adding one or two races at different locations every year.

Question: The downside of the European calendar is that in 2020, Formula 1 did not attend many away stages. What tracks do you miss and why?

Günther Steiner: Of course, I miss the stage in Austin – I live in the USA, for me this is the second home stage. Fantastic place and Austin is a fantastic city.

Question: How is the work with the car going for the next year?
Günther Steiner: I said that this year we had to stop the revision of the existing car due to the pandemic – we did not know what the team’s budget would be. Two months ago we got back to work, starting by adapting today’s car to the rules of next year, to a new aerodynamic design of its rear. Hopefully this will enable us to make progress next year. This is what we need.



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