Gunned down the considered “father of the Iranian nuclear plan”

First there was an explosion, which forced the car to stop. Later, several men – three or four – have approached and with their pistols they have fired into the vehicle, where a bodyguard was traveling and, behind, Mohsen Fajrizadeh, Iranian nuclear scientist, the considered father of the nuclear plan of the Persian country and member of the Revolutionary Guard, the Iranian institution whose job it is to protect the country’s Islamic system and whose leader is none other than the Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei.

Fajrizadeh and his companion –just like the attackers, according to Iranian media – were in the northern region of Damavand, and have died in the attack

The identity of Fajrizadeh’s killers is unknown at the moment, but Iran has been quick to blame their arch enemy, Israel. Benyamin Netanyahu, in the past, directly named Mohsen Fajrizadeh in a presentation on the Iranian nuclear plan. In fact, the scientist is considered to be responsible for a nuclear program that tried to develop the nuclear bomb for Iran in 2003.

From 2010 to 2012, four Iranian nuclear scientists were killed in similar circumstances and all their deaths, always according to Iran, were carried out by Israel, fearful that Iran could develop a nuclear weapon, which would make Israel stop operating in the Middle East. be the only country that has it. The Israeli government has always denied it.



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