Gundam, the 18 meter tall Japanese robot, takes its first steps

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The pandemic does not even stop technological development in Japan. A few days ago, the engineers of the Japanese company Gundam Factory YokohamaDuring the assembly of the robot of the same name, they started one of the most difficult tasks: that those 25 tons take their first steps.

This is verified in a leaked video in YouTube where the mythical droid from the popular anime series Gundam is seen as he moves his lower limbs and raises his knee. The video footage appears to be sped up, so it’s unclear how long this action actually took.

In any case, the huge robot is not yet completely finished, among other things, it lacks a head. As reported by Popular Mechanics, the robot will have 24 degrees of freedom, which means it should be able to walk practically anywhere. It will feature fully articulated fingers and thumbs. A single hand, from fingertip to wrist, will measure nearly six feet.

A huge robot of this type is precisely one of the great attractions of a commercial area located in the south of Tokyo, and tourists usually spend several hours there to take photos and enjoy a light and sound show.

The robot is being developed at the Gundam Factory, located at the Yamashita pier in the port city located south of the Japanese capital.

It was originally scheduled to be unveiled to the public in October 2020, but had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gundam Factory Yokohama states on its website that for the same reason, it had to cancel a special demo event that was scheduled for this month.

Japan developed a large industry in comics (manga) and animation (anime) with giant robots. Macross and Mazinger are some of the most popular, along with the animated series Gundam, perhaps one of the most popular in that country.



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