The referee Guadalupe Porras Ayuso once again breaks a barrier in the world of football, as it will become the first Spanish collegiate to participate in an international men’s meeting. This milestone will occur in the duel of the Europa League that he LASK and the Ludogorets they play at the Linzer Stadium.

UEFA designated for this match, which will take place this Thursday, October 29 in Austria, to the referee team headed by Xavier Estrada Fernández. This one will be accompanied in the bands by Roberto Alonso Fernandez Y Guadalupe Porras Ayuso Y Jose Luis Munuera Montero will act as fourth official.

Porras Ayuso takes another step in the successful international trajectory which began in 2014 and adds this new experience to that already acquired in matches of international women’s competitions such as the Champions League.

The Extremaduran collegiate was promoted to First Division in 2019 becoming the first referee to debut in the highest national category and in the face of this new challenge, she acknowledges that she feels “a lot of satisfaction” because “this appointment implies a more accomplished goal In this race. I face it with great enthusiasm and with the same enthusiasm that I have been working on, “he assures in statements to the RFEF channels.

In addition, it highlights that “all the girls who start can see that any goal can be achieved that they propose. It’s a very hard world, but everything can be achieved with work and sacrifice. “