Grotte – A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme

Looking for a powerful, customizable WooCommerce theme? Check out Grotte! Designed specifically for online stores, it has all the features you need to succeed.

H1: Grotte: The WooCommerce Shopfront Theme that Adds Sweetness to Your Store

Are you looking for a theme to enhance your shopping site? Look no further than Grotte, the dedicated WooCommerce shopfront theme designed with sweetness and boldness in mind. With its brand new feature, “Buy For Me,” you can create a lasting impression on your visitors while improving your marketing strategy.

Crafted with care, not only are the product pages beautifully designed but also pages such as My Account, Checkout and Cart. Plus, it is completely responsive and works seamlessly on any device.

H2: A Brand New WooCommerce Feature: Buy For Me

Grotte introduces an exciting new feature called “Buy For Me”, which replaces the classic “Send to A Friend”. It offers a great sharing experience that enhances marketing efforts by allowing visitors to send products themselves instead of merely sharing links via basic emails.

The process is simple—a preview window pops up when they click on the button of their desired product where they see all relevant details like image,title,and price. They then choose from several color schemes available before writing their message along with customizing buttons according to preference before sending it off!

Moreover,Grotte has an option for hiding prices if needed. 

H3: Purchase “Buy For Me” Plugin Separately for Other Themes

Want this plugin without having Grote as your main theme? No problem! You can purchase it separately and add this fantastic feature into other themes – Product Pages Simple Product Variable Product Grouped Product External/Affiliate Products – Shop Pages Six unique layout options await you: • (2 or 3) Columns (+Sidebar) • (4)Columns 

Plus enjoy several features including Grid/List View Options,Wishlist,& Quick View capabilities,& Catalog Mode (for items not ready for sale). Also,set number of displayed products per page anytime plus enable/disable magnifier function or single product image view at will! All types supported include Simple/Variable/Grouped/External Affiliate Out-of-Stock Wishlist too. 

Lastly,enjoy elaborate cart-checkout-my account integration plus well-crafted widgets shortcodes perfect placing images/products/categories throughout homepage effortlessly.Demo content included so don’t worry about starting from scratch!

Other Features:

Mobile Friendly &&
Responsive Design Super Light Structure High Performance Homepage Builder Sticky Menu Mega Menu 4 Different Menus Newsletter Subscription Bar Unlimited Color Options Google Maps SEO Optimized W3C Validated Customizer Translation Support Plugins Compatible


Whether setting up shop online or just wanting something updated,Grottte offers everything one could need.Store owners who want seamless functionality should try out our latest offering today!

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