Griselda Siciliani, revelation in Spain: the praise for her new lead

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The critics are generous with the actress who before the pandemic filmed in Barcelona Sentimental, by Cesc Gay.

“They tell me for a cockroach that #SentimentalFilm, by Cesc Gay, is number 1 in the Spanish box office …. so from Mexico I take the opportunity to ‘make a welt’ (my grandmother would say) and put a photo with my beloved colleagues. And heartily thank all the people who go to the cinema. “With those words Griselda Siciliani showed on social networks the happiness of work these days. The film she filmed in Barcelona is now a reality and wonders are written about the actress.

Griselda seems to be taking firm steps. It settled in Barcelona a few months before the pandemic, under Cesc’s orders, and that’s how the film was born Sentimental, “orgasmic comedy”, as promoted.

Next to Javier Cámara, Belén Cuesta and Alberto San Juan headline a story based on the play The neighbors above. After its premiere at the San Sebastián Festival, the film reached Spanish theaters.

In the story, Julio (Cámara) and Ana (Siciliani) have been together for more than fifteen years. They form a couple that no longer looks or touches each other. But one night Ana invites her upstairs neighbors, Salva (San Juan) and Laura (Cuesta), to her house… This younger, kind and friendly couple is known for the noises and moans that they cause every night in the building. Can listening to another couple be an encouragement? What if there is a possibility of group sex? The evening will be a cathartic experience for all four.

A few months ago, at the Metropolitan Buenos Aires, the work The neighbors above He went on stage with Florencia Peña, Diego Peretti, Rafael Ferro and Julieta Vallina. The piece received praise and great public acceptance. Now, some critics speak highly of Siciliani.

“The construction of the characters is meticulous between the sarcastic and the naive, and the actors embroider and sharpen their cliché soul, from the sarcasm of Cámara to the San Juan bullfighter firefighter”, writes the journalist Oti Rodríguez Marchante in the newspaper ABC from Spain. And continues: “It is a wonderful surprise that unknown actress (here) but immense that is Griselda Siciliani”.

In the portal Frames, the accolades to the actress who starred Sugar in theater they continue: “The Argentine Griselda Siciliani, how could her presence, albeit fleeting, pass unnoticed in that tender story of losers that was The Last Elvis!”, Writes the journalist Juan Pando. “It is the great discovery of the film. The weight of the action falls heavily on her, which becomes a hilarious game of verbal table tennis in pairs with the entry on stage of a joker Alberto San Juan, in his best work; a naive false flattery Belén Cuesta, and a spoiler Javier Cámara, who is called upon to carry the least grateful role of the quartet ”.

“They all shine. From the wounded sarcasm of Javier Cámara to the guilty innocence of Griselda Siciliani, through the sympathetic brutality of Alberto San Juan and the irrepressible self-confidence of Belén Cuesta, all of them make a precise and precious machinery work ”, reads the review of The world.

The director’s last name was resonated in our country by the Argentine-Spanish drama Truman, starring Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara and Dolores Fonzi. A film to watch with a handkerchief in hand: two friends of many years meet again and through a dog, Truman, share emotional moments.

Siciliani is in Mexico City for a work project that he still cannot detail. “Open. Verb. Make the interior of a space or place have direct communication with the outside, removing or separating what prevents it or making an opening, passage or conduit, “he wrote on his Instagram next to a photo in a window.



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