“If the data is solid, we can give the green light to the first vaccine from now until the end of the year and start distributing it in January,” Guido Rasi, director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), said in an interview with the Italian newspaper on Saturday. The Sun 24 Hours.

Its body’s mission is to authorize and control medicines in the European Union. The final green light, given by the European Commission, allows laboratories to market their medicine throughout the European Union.

The EMA, which is based on 6 or 7 different vaccines available in 2021, received “the first clinical data from Pfizer for its vaccine” on Friday, says Guido Rasi.

“We received from AstraZeneca the pre-clinical data, the study data on animals that are already being evaluated and we have more discussions with Moderna,” he listed.

When will the results of the COVID vaccination be seen

By launching a vaccine on the market in January, the first effects on the spread of the virus “will be visible in five, six months, essentially next summer,” he explained.

“Obviously, it will not be possible to vaccinate everyone, but we are focusing on the most exposed categories, such as the elderly and health care workers, which will begin to unblock the transmission points,” he said.

He believes “more than half” of Europe’s population needs to be vaccinated to “witness a pandemic decline”, which will require at least 500 million doses in Europe.

It will take at least a year to vaccinate everyone, and if all goes well by the end of 2021, we will have sufficient immunization, Guido Rasi added.