Greek police begin relocating Moria refugees

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Several dozen of the refugees that last Tuesday they lost absolutely everything in Moria have begun to go to the new temporary field arranged by the greek authorities —Formed of tents—, and have thus abandoned the road where they had been confined for the previous five days, forced to sleep in the open and with very little humanitarian aid and food and water scarce, they denounce.

However, the new field will only be able to accommodate about a couple thousand migrants: far from the more than 12.000 had to leave Moria – which was the largest refugee camp in Europe- due to the voracious indency of Tuesday night, which left no shop or facility standing. Fortunately, no one died, although several people were injured. There hasn’t been any investigation in this regard, but the Greek Government accuses the refugees themselves of having started the fire.

“For now, the policeman It is not forcing us to go to the new field or do anything. They just give us two options: or we stay where we are [en la carretera] or we go to the other field. I prefer to stay”, dice Milad, stuck on Lesbos and talking on the phone. Of Afghan origin, Milad knows that if he chooses to move to the new Greek police camp, she will not let him leave. That is why it stays where it is. “The situation where we are now is horribleBut will it be better in the field? I don’t think so & mldr; If the Greek police won’t let us get food here, I don’t think they’ll leave us there either & rdquor; ”he adds.

A new closed field

And Milad’s fear of being locked up is perfectly founded: just hours after the fire occurred, Athens explained to the press its new plan for the island, which is based on reopening Moria, but this time in the form of closed field. In this new field of Lesbos, all the refugees who arrive on the island will be able to enter but no longer leave – if not to be relocated to another site or deported to Turkey-. It will be a open air jail for men, women and children.

“We want to turn this problem into a opportunity”Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos said this Sunday Mitsotakis. “Europe will have to be much more involved in the management of this new center, wherever we decide to go. “” And I want to put on the absolute record that there will definitely be a new permanent center for the reception and identification of refugees. I want to send this message to everyone & rdquor ;, Mitsotakis continued, referring to the local population of Lesbos and their political administration. The island’s locals have shown for years that they want Moria to be permanently closed and the refugees to leave the island.

But for now, despite this desire, they are still trapped there: 12,000 people, among whom are children and babies, abandoned in a few meters of road, in the middle of nowhere, at the mercy of the noon sun, from the cold of the night and the havoc that a coronavirus outbreak, which, in fact, could be circulating. In the chaos of Tuesday’s fire 35 people that had tested positive and had been put into quarantine, they escaped. The Greek police later captured eight of them.

“What bothers me most about all this is that they have taken everything from us. We are trapped by the Greek police and we will go where the Greek police send us. We are nobody”, se lamenta Milad.



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