Greek media: Part of the terraces now require full vaccination

The corona reins of Greece are tightened, which is bad news for Dutch holidaymakers not fully vaccinated. You are not permitted to use the terraces of bars or nightclubs if you have not received a recovery certificate or vaccination.

This is what several Greek media reported. The Greeks had already declared that no one allowed to eat in restaurants, cafes., theatres, stadiums, or companies involved in the entertainment industry. The government required customers to show an app that they had been vaccinated against corona virus. Terraces are still open to non-vaccinated individuals.

It is now being reduced to a quick work. You must be current on your corona vaccinations or have had your corona treatment within the last six months before you can take a seat at outdoor bars and nightclubs. Entertainment venues can only operate at 85 percent capacity. It is also important to keep your distance. If they have been tested, children cannot be allowed to sit on the terrace. Media reports from the country state that you are not allowed to eat or drink on the terraces at restaurants, taverns, cafes, and small bars.

Additionally, the government has threatened to impose tighter controls. So, the government is trying to manage a rapidly growing number of corona infection. People who are punctured and follow the rules correctly have an advantage over those who don’t.

It can prove to be a problem for Dutch holidaymakers. Greece is now the most sought-after destination, following the changes in travel advice for Portugal & Spain. But the question is: How long? CNN has reported that Professor Nikos Tzanakis predicts that there will be 6,000 new infections per day in Greece. Others have even estimated that there were 10,000 cases per day in August. On Thursday, the Greeks had almost 2800 new cases in a single day.

Crete and its surrounding region have been placed in the red by the European RIVM, ECDC. This is often the sign of poor travel advice. The Greek media is already openly discussing islands that could be subject to local lockdowns. Paros, for example, has seen an increase of 700% in the number of cases. Mykonos, however, has had three times as many.

Haris Theocharis the Minister of Tourism stressed to the Greek media that while ‘economic’ goals may be important for a time, they are not primary. However, he also said: “Our responsibility, towards our own daily life, but also towards our tourism, is to comply with the measures. Let’s get vaccinated to ensure that the wave of the delta mutation does not cause any problems in our country.

The weather is also a problem for holidaymakers. Although the heat wave is still affecting the Greeks, temperatures will start to drop by Saturday and there will be storms with thunderstorms as well as a lot more rain.



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