“The operation will be completed in five days. Everyone will be installed in the new camp,” said Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi, who has been on a two-day visit to Lesbos to coordinate work.

Thousands of families have been sleeping on concrete, sidewalks or fields in Lesbos for several nights after the huge fires on Tuesday and Wednesday that destroyed the center of Moria, causing no casualties.

This camp was set up in 2015 to limit the number of migrants coming from neighboring Turkey to Europe. More than 12,000 people are here, including 4,000 children.

In recent years, the lack of hygiene and overcrowding in the Moria camp have been criticized by NGOs defending the rights of refugees. They regularly called on the Greek authorities to transfer the most vulnerable asylum seekers to the mainland.

The migrants demonstrated again on Sunday, according to an AFP journalist.

“Save us, Europe!” Could be read on a banner.

As of Saturday, 300 people have been installed in a new camp organized in an old center belonging to the State, three kilometers from the port of Mytilene.

On Sunday, about 20 asylum seekers lined up in front of the fence of this camp, waiting to be registered by the authorities, according to the AFP correspondent on the spot.

Authorities said they would impose restrictions on migrants leaving the camp because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mitarachi estimated that “200 people” among the asylum seekers were infected with the new coronavirus.

A rally took place on Saturday not far from the new camp, with migrants holding placards reading “Freedom!” or “We want to leave Moria.” Protesters threw stones at law enforcement who responded with tear gas.