Greece poised for verdict against Golden Dawn

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The Greek justice has sentenced that he ‘ultra’ Golden Dawn match is a “criminal organization” and condemns its leader for leading it. Greece has awaited with expectation the verdict of one of the most important judicial processes of the last decades: the one that put the leaders and dozens of members of the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, accused of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, musician and leftist activist. The victim was stabbed to death on the night of September 18, 2013, at the age of 34, in front of a cafe in his neighborhood of Keratsini, a western suburb of Athens.

He alleged murderer, Yorgos Roupakias, member of Golden sunrise, confessed to the crime and could be sentenced to life imprisonment. But the key to the verdict will be whether “the court will convict the leadership and the party members for the crime of belonging to a criminal organization,” Kostas Papadakis, the lawyer for the civil party, told AFP.

The shock caused by this murder, in a Greece that was then in the midst of financial crisis, led the authorities to arrest and bring to justice the leaders and many members of the party, accused for years of murders and violence against migrants and left-wing militants, who enjoyed some impunity. The verdict has ended a process that has lasted Five and a half years, the most important of the last decades in Greece.

A criminal organization?

Sixty-eight people have been tried. Thirty-nine of them, including its founder and as well as former parliamentarians and party members, were accused of “leadership of a criminal organization” and “belonging” to that organization. These defendants face sentences of between five and fifteen years in prison. This lengthy trial was attended by 153 witnesses and dozens of lawyers.

He prime minister griego, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, I regret the creation of Golden Dawn, in an article published on Saturday, four days after the verdict. “The experience of the catastrophic passing of this Nazi formation has been traumatic, painful and, unfortunately, very bloody,” Mitsotakis writes in the Editors’ Journal. “In a gray period of confusion, the seed of black propaganda fell and the parasites of the nostalgic Hitler have developed,” he stressed.

Greece’s third party

At the height of the economic crisis Y social of Greece in 2012, the party took advantage of the discredit of the political class and the deep depression to win votes. At that time, groups of men dressed in black roamed the streets of Athens, beating their opponents with kicks or iron bars and chanting “Blood, honor, Golden Dawn.”

At the height of his popularity, in 2015, he became the third largest political party in Greece, obtaining more than 370,000 votes in the elections. But since the arrest of its leader, it has gradually lost its constituency and now denies Nazi ideology. In the last legislative elections July 2019, Golden sunrise He failed to no deputy.



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