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In the first wave, Greece received only praise: unlike his european neighbors, thanks to lockdown decreed before the numbers soared, his record contagions by covid in one day it was 156 cases, April 21.

But summer came, restrictions were lifted and tourists – some – came to the greek beaches. As in other European countries, the cases of covid have skyrocketed. This past Wednesday Greece beat its record: 2,600 in a single dayGreece has 10 million inhabitants—.

For this, the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced this Thursday morning: from Saturday and for the next three weeks, the Hellenic country will enter the total isolation, like the first wave. Only pharmacies and supermarkets can open. There is, however, a small difference: the nurseries and primary schools will remain open; not high schools and higher education.

“Again [como en la primera ola], we have decided to take measures early. The increase in cases in the last five days has forced us to take action now. If we had waited pressure in hospitals It would have been unbearable & rdquor ;, Mitsotakis said this Thursday in a televised speech, where he also explained that the restrictions will serve so that no one can abandon their provinces of residence.

Permission to leave

And the sms system to leave home: every time a Greek wants to leave his home – to go to work, to shop, to the doctor or to play sports – he must send a text message to a government telephone, which assigns an hour to each person.

“I am sure that if we implement these measures in the next three weeks, we can stop the virus. I know there is fear and anxiety about financial consequences it can have. That is why we want citizens to be allies in this effort & rdquor ;, the Greek Prime Minister said in his speech.



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