Ferrarin Sebastian Vettel organized a happy and memorable surprise for Ferrari mechanics during the Italian race weekend. The Italian healthcare sector will also benefit from the capture of good spirits.

No typhos, passionate Ferrari fans will be seen in Monza this year. However, race organizers have come up with a different way to bring happy faces to the stands.

Fans will be offered the opportunity to purchase a seat for the cardboard version of themselves. At a price of 40 euros, a grinning figure with a desired face is planted in the auditorium. The proceeds will be donated to the Italian healthcare industry, which has rampant wildly in the fight against the coronavirus.

The cardboard version of itself has been bought by many F1 depot characters, Ferrari drivers naturally included in this crowd. However, Vettel went a step further.

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After hearing about the idea on Thursday, Vettel took a picture of all Ferrari employees in Monza and also bought them a cardboard figure from the auditorium. In total, Vettel handled a payment of 40 euros on behalf of 76 people.

And that’s not all. In addition, Vettel made a personal donation to the campaign.

Vettel’s contract with the stable, which has been driven by Ferrari since 2015, will expire at the end of this season. The difficult season has created cracks between the stable and the driver, but Vettel is not resentful of his mechanics.