Grazi Massafera makes fun of riding a race car with Caio Castro at 250km / h: ‘Feeling windy’

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Caio Castro was accompanied by his girlfriend, Grazi Massafera, in training at the Interlagos race track, in São Paulo. And the actor, a new Porsche Cup fan, took advantage of the actress’s visit to give him a ride. When sharing moments on the track, the protagonist of the soap opera “Flor do Caribe”, currently on replay in the sixth track, revealed the speed the car reached: 250km / h. “Let’s feel the wind on your face,” wrote Grazi in a good-humored way. The actors have been together for just over a year and engaged the relationship after exchanging kisses at Luciano Huck’s birthday party.

Caio denied he will leave acting career

Grazi was also filmed with all the protective material – balaclava, overalls and helmet – and used a safety mask as a way to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Recently, Caio said that his entry into motorsport does not indicate that he will switch studios for tracks. “One thing does not make the other unfeasible. Motorsport is not new to me and now I am in a category that is very well attended,” claimed the Kart champion artist who has inspiration from Ayrton Senna. “Unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of seeing Senna, but he was and remains a reference for his determination. When the physical wear starts to get to me, I get a little push to lift the cup. In a way, he is a daily inspiration for me. me “, told about the pilot killed in 1994.

Grazi won praise for photo of animal print bikini in waterfall

A few weeks ago, boyfriends enjoyed days of rest in the Chapada dos Guimarães region and cooled off at the local waterfalls. On a visit to one of them, Grazi bet on an animal print bikini and collected compliments from his followers. “Jane is different,” pointed out an admirer quoting Tarzan’s girlfriend. On another occasion, she was clicked in a mood of romance with her boyfriend.

Grazi pointed out her daughter’s evolution in the quarantine

About to debut as an actress in the cinema, Sofia, 8 years old, was praised by her mother for her evolution noticed by her in this period of social isolation – which is approaching seven months. In addition, Grazi reinforced that he started to prioritize moments with the girl even more. I watch many films and series. It has been a great opportunity to more closely monitor my daughter’s growth and development full time. We created games and other activities to entertain her “, he explained.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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