Graciele Lacerda shows off her body in a look and wins praise: ‘You are drawn’

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Graciele Lacerda stole the show on the web after publishing a photo showing her bikini top and short denim shorts with an open zipper. The look highlighted the beauty of the model’s body and the tan of the businesswoman, who turned 40 earlier this month. “Beauty does not enter through the eyes, but through the heart and will live in the soul. Therefore, admire, but don’t forget to love. Because the greatest beauty is in loving. By Zezé Di Camargo”, said the fitness muse in the caption of Image.

Zezé Di Camargo’s bride wins praise on the internet

Graciele received a shower of praise from followers. “What a belly,” observed one. “This body for 40-year-olds is not for anyone,” noted another. “Big ass woman”, fired a third. “My goodness, you’re drawn,” said a fan. “Extremely perfect,” added another. Graciele leads a ruled life when it comes to fitness. Owner of a defined shape, she is an inspiration for those who want to achieve a similar physique.

Graciele Lacerda shows closet in new apartment

Graciele and Zezé are in the new apartment, in Itapema, Santa Catarina, acquired for R $ 2 million in 2017. This Wednesday (14), the Espírito Santo showed the couple’s closet, with transparent doors and LED lighting, with an island for accessories. “What is under renovation is in São Paulo, where we are going to live. It is not ready. The one in Itapema is a promenade apartment. It took a while to get ready, and it was at the beginning of the year, only that the pandemic came and we didn’t get to know it. We know it now “, he explained.

Model talks about duplex that will live with backcountry

Previously, Graciele displayed details of the couple’s luxury duplex. “Look at that more delicious thing. I, who am from the beach, am loving it. I think it energizes looking at the sea, taking a dip, going for a walk. That’s what I miss most about my land. We are knowing, looking. It’s all new, “said the journalist.

Businesswoman plans to have first child with countryman

Last Friday (9), Graciele posed in the pool with Zezé and talked about the heat. “Even my love got into the pool! And look, he doesn’t like anything”, he joked about the situation. The two are preparing to have their first child. Recently, Graciele said that he decreased his coffee intake by medical advice to help with ovulation. “As I will soon be entering the process to get pregnant, in the future, I don’t know when, and in pregnancy we have to avoid it, my doctor decided to do this process of me reducing the coffee and preparing it in my head so I don’t suffer further ahead, “he explained.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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