Graciela Borges, Peter Lanzani, Erica Rivas and Ricardo Darín, among the candidates for the 2019 Sur Awards

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The best film includes “The Sleepwalkers”, “The Tale of Weasels”, “Good Intentions” and “The Odyssey of the Giles”

Sleepwalkers, by Paula Hernández, aspires to 14 Sur Awards and heads the list of films nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina.

The film starring Érica Rivas, Marilú Marini, Luiz Ziembrowsky and Daniel Hendler was followed by The tale of the weaselsby Juan José Campanella, which had 11 nominations.

Three other titles that resulted in many nominations were Good intentions, by Ana García Blaya, The Odyssey of the Giles, by Sebastián Borensztein, and Florianópolis dreamby Ana Katz, all with eight.

The list of nominees by category is as follows:

Best Supporting Actor: Luis Brandoni (4×4), Diego Cremonesi (The tree finer), Sebastián Arzeno (Good intentions) and Carlos Belloso (The Odyssey of the Giles).

Best Original Screenplay: Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat (4×4), Ana García Blaya (Good intentions), Paula Hernández (Sleepwalkers) and Ana Katz and Daniel Katz (Florianópolis dream).

Best Adapted Screenplay: Arauco Hernández, Martín Mauregui and Federico Veiroj (Thus spoke the money changer, based on the homonymous novel by Juan Gruber); Juan José Campanella and Darren Kloomok (The tale of the weasels, based on Boys from before didn’t use arsenic, written by José Martínez Suárez and Augusto Giustozzi); Leonel Mauro D’Agostino (The son, based on a story by Guillermo Martínez A protective mother, from the book by the same author entitled Una repulsive happiness); and Sebastián Borensztein and Eduardo Sacheri (The Odyssey of the Giles, based on the novel by Eduardo Sacheri The night of the power plant).

Best Art Direction: Nelson February (The tale of the weasels), Ailí Chen (Sleepwalkers), Laura Caligiuri (Die, monster, die) and Gonzalo Delgado (Florianópolis dream).

Best Costume Design: Cecilia Monti (The tale of the weasels), Julio Suárez (The Odyssey of the Giles), Mónica Toschi (Sleepwalkers) and Diego Costa and Sandra Fink (Florianópolis dream).

Best Makeup and Characterization: Carolina Oclander (“4×4”), Constanza Pugliese (“Astrogauchos”), Osvaldo Esperón, Sylvie Imbert and Beatushka Wojtowicz (“The story of the weasels”) and Ángela Garacija (“The sleepwalkers).

Female Revelation: Nicole Rivadero (“La Botara”), Amanda Minujín (“Good Intentions”), Ornella D’elía (“The Sleepwalkers”) and Manuela Martínez (“Florianópolis Dream”).

Best Photography: Félix Chango Monti (“The Tale of the Weasels”), Jasper Wolf (“Monkeys”), Julián Apezteguía and Manuel Rebella (“Die, monster, die”) and Gustavo Biazzi (“Florianópolis Dream”).

Best Documentary Film: “Flora is not a hymn to life”, by Iair Said; “Los Knacks: Leave me in the past”, by Gabriel and Mariano Nesci; “Livingston Method”, by Sofía Mora; and “Let it be law”, by Juan Solanas.

Best Supporting Actress: Jazmín Stuart (“The good intentions”), Verónica Llinás (“The odyssey of the giles”), Valeria Lois (“The sleepwalkers”) and Marilú Marini (“The sleepwalkers”).

Best Sound: Gustavo Pomeranec and Adrián Rodríguez (“Impossible crimes”), José Luis Díaz (“The story of the weasels”), Santiago Fumagalli (“Die, monster, die”) and Martín Grignaschi (“The sleepwalkers”).

Best Editing: Juan José Campanella (“The story of the weasels”), Javier Diment (“The happy one, continuities of violence”), Andrés Estrada (“Die, monster, die”) and Rosario Suárez (“The sleepwalkers”).


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