Governor Andrew Cuomo receives an Emmy for his press conferences during the outbreak of the pandemic

The New York Democrat appeared daily to inform his voters of his management during the outbreak of the health crisis

The pandemic returned to television part of the terrain that the mobile phone had taken away as a great link between the individual and the outside world. And not only that. In those days of confinement, he also turned to feel some mythical that capacity that had once television to reassure viewers with the idea that what they saw were watching along with millions of others like them, fantasy the same reality all. Few people took advantage of this rebirth of the medium like Andrew M. Cuomo, a 62-year-old Democrat, governor of New York, and, as the American Television Academy announced on Friday, winner of the Emmy for his “master dominance” of television during those days.

During the first months of the health crisis, when New York became the American epicenter – and global, for a few days – of the pandemic, Cuomo started a habit: appearing every day at midmorning on television to report on how he was managing the crisis. Those press conferences, in which Cuomo did not hide nor doubts nor its lagoons on virology, but in showing the attitude of hard work and values ​​of sacrifice that would pull New York from its crisis, became a fundamental part of the American day, an unavoidable appointment inside and outside the State. Even President Donald Trump had to change his press conferences to the afternoon so as not to counter-schedule those of the incipient television icon. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to work,” he always said when finishing them. His popularity soared to 77%, the highest number in his ten years as governor.

Hence the Emmy. It does not correspond to a category already existing to be delivered each year: it is a special award, a sort of medal for merit, which until now had only won hostess Oprah Winfrey and vice president Gore (the latter for work related An uncomfortable truth). The Television Academy believes that Cuomo’s daily press conferences showed “a masterful mastery” of the medium to “calm and inform people all over the world.”

That popularity is now behind Cuomo’s back, who now has to deal with the consequences of some of the decisions he made in those days. One of them, instructing the nursing homes to take in and care for the covid patients. By the time he backed down in May, that decision had translated into 6,600 deaths.


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