The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has appeared this Friday and has spoken about the situation regarding ski resorts, without making clear their position on whether they should open this winter or remain closed due to the danger of coronavirus infections.

According to Illa, the Government will meet with the autonomous communities with ski resorts so that determine a common performance before the imminent arrival of the snow season. The government plan “coordinate responses that the communities must take “and negotiate with France and Andorra so that their measurements are “harmonic”.

As the minister has explained, the concern at the moment “it is not the skiing activity itself”, but everything that involves the “after ski” or ‘aprés-ski’, all activities and social meeting places outside of skiing itself, where you can relax the measures and favor the spread of the virus.

For its part, the Tourist Association of Mountain Ski Resorts (Atudem) published in October a protocol with security measures to be able to carry the winter season of this year and the beginning of the next one as normally as possible.

The meeting between the executive and the autonomous communities will be key to find out in the next few days if in Spain you can go skiing and under what conditions.