He stream has been fundamental for the video game industry is in the privileged economic position that it boasts today.

For sample, without the stream the sports would not have reached the colossal levels of popularity that they do, while games like Among Us they would never have massed without the intervention of those streamers that put it in the public eye.

It can be said that streams son healthy for the video game.

However, Alex Hutchinson, co-founder of Typhoons Studios and who has a history that includes being creative director of Assassin’s Creed III Y Far Cry 4, he thinks that streamers should be paying game creators they use in their broadcasts.

Hutchinson made his position public when on Twitter he began talking about those streamers who worry that their content will be removed for using music for which they did not pay, when in fact they are Streaming titles for which they didn’t pay either.

‘All this will be over as soon as the publishers decide’, He said.

And not satisfied with this first statement, he added another tweet to say ‘The only truth is that streamers should pay developers and publishers of the games they stream. They should buy a license like any business, and pay for the content they use ‘.

Hutchinson’s views certainly unleashed annoyance in the streamer community, and some of them, like DANTDM, responded by saying that exposition that games achieve thanks to streamers and youtubers worth money in itself.

Even Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s gaming, commerce and immersion leader, said that publishers and content creators have a symbiotic relationship in which all have left benefited.

Hutchinson is also Google Stadia creative director, a situation that, according to 9to5Google, prompted the company to issue a statement to say that its tweets do not reflect opinion the Stadia, YouTube o Google.