Google Phone can now be downloaded to other smartphones and it comes with a surprise

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The Phone app Google It is one of the most complete and colorful on the market, however, it is exclusively installed on its own flagships. Or so it was until yesterday because, from today, Google launches its Phone app for smartphones from other manufacturers: particularly, some privileged devices from Samsung and LG.

An interesting detail is that the Google Phone app comes with its new function: Verified Calls or Verified Calls. That’s right, not only can we download this app if we have one of the selected devices, but we can also enjoy using its new function as long as it is compatible with companies in each country.

What is the new Verified Calls feature about?

For several weeks now, Google has been experimenting with a particular type of caller identification: one that allows users to identify who exactly is calling them and, in the case of a call belonging to a company, also know the exact reason for the call.

If, for example, our bank is calling us to verify a transaction of an unusual amount for our consumption habit, then this reason will be reflected in the interface of the incoming call.

While some might believe that this would decrease the likelihood of users answering spam calls, Google has proven that users are much more likely to take a call from a business company if they know exactly the reason for the call. Of course, this will be something that Google and the appropriate company will have to agree on in advance.

The Verified Calls feature only works if the companies involved are willing to share the necessary information with Google. That is why the company of the powerful search engine has been throwing statistics to different companies so that they agree to integrate into their Phone app.

Google releases its Phone app for a few lucky devices from Samsung and LG. But, in particular, its Verified Calls feature has a regional distribution since not all countries will be able to enjoy it from day one. This feature will first arrive for compatible smartphones in Brazil, Spain, the United States, India and Mexico.

Source: Google



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