Google Nest Audio, sound and intelligence in the same device

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A speaker Google Nest Audio has become one of the main novelties of the firm in our market, confirming that will not bring the Pixel 5 mobile to Spain for strategic reasons. It is a complete product renovation, since if the previous speakers of the brand surprised by their high level of intelligence, but did not shine in terms of sound reproduction, the new one stands out precisely for that: its sound quality. With the improvements applied, it equates to the first-line models on the market. At this juncture a strategic turn is taken to also seduce lovers of good sound. Other reasons for consumers to integrate them into their living space is their design, which maintains the minimalist lines that have brought so much success to the company.

The new model has a lot of smart and more of a speaker, thanks to a powerful sound, better construction, as well as a stereo functionality designed to pair two speakers.

Minimalist design

Following the line of products developed by Google, the aesthetics of the Nest Audio is of a careful minimalism, in such a way that it fits in different environments. It has a large size with dimensions of 175 x 124 x 78 mm and a weight of 1.2 kg so its presence stands out in the environment. The sound mesh occupies almost the entire device except the base (made of rubber to prevent slipping), it comes in two colors (gray and chalk white). The aforementioned mesh makes the device visually very attractive and pleasant to the touch, at the same time that it facilitates the emission of music and that it is distributed throughout the house.

Other design features include, on the one hand, the rear button for disconnect the microphone, which allows the user to determine when the speaker should listen and when not; and on the other the adaptive touch controls on top (which add to the voice controls) and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with Android and iOS and Chromecast integrado.

Due to its slim profile it fits anywhere in the house. To maximize the audio output, specific drivers have been designed and placed in a box that allows you to squeeze as much sound as possible out of the computer. It integrates LED lights on the front (the only visible indicators) since both the volume up controls and the button to play content are tactile and are hidden under the mesh.

The same sustainable fabric that was introduced with the Nest Mini is used for the cladding, and the box (i.e. the fabric, shell, foot, and some small parts) is made from 70% recycled plastic.

Features: improved sound

For lovers of smart speakers who also want to listen to their music with good quality, Nest Audio is already an option with many attractions.

It sounds 75% more powerful than the previous Google Home device and its bass is 50% more intense (the measurements of both devices were taken in an anechoic chamber at maximum volume, on axis). Featuring a 19mm tweeter for consistent high frequency coverage and vocal clarity, and a 75mm woofer for bass.

The sound is full, clear and natural. The firm has made more than 500 hours of tuning to ensure balanced lows, mids and highs so nothing is missing or overly dominant. The basses are expressive and the voices have depth, which makes it sound good in different genres: classical, R&B, pop, etc. Custom-designed tweeter lets you appreciate the details of the music; and the grille, fabric and materials have been optimized to listen to music without distortion.

Another point to note is that the use of compressors has been minimized to preserve the dynamic range, in such a way that the auditory contrast of the original production is preserved: the quiet parts are subtle, and the sonorous parts are more powerful.

Integrate the function Media EQ to have the device tune in automatically when listening to music or a response from the Google Assistant. For his part Ambient IQ adjusts the volume of the Assistant and the news based on background noise in the house, to improve hearing despite ambient noise.

More intelligence at home

Little again needs to be said about the virtues of the Google Assistant to help with everyday tasks, control smart home devices and help with accurate information on the daily schedule, traffic situation, weather forecast etc. The new Nest Audio enhances its smart capabilities in such a way that you can ask for just about anything: support with reminders, send messages, make purchases, and more.

If smart products are available in the home such as light bulbs, television, heating, the equipment will help and improve connectivity with them.


The device is sold at a price of 99 euros in our market.


This new speaker from Google is one of the best developments of the company. The leap in quality compared to the original Google Home is enormous, in such a way that it has become a first-rate team, competitive in price and more intelligent.



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