Android 11 is officially available starting today as an OTA (Over The Air) update for Pixel smartphones, but not only. In addition to previous years, not only smartphones developed by Google will be included in the first wave, but also some of the models produced by other manufacturers.

Along with the Pixel series, Android 11 will be able to be installed OTA on some of the smartphones sold by OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme.

Note that big names are missing from the list, such as Samsung or Motorola. Instead, there are only Chinese manufacturers, which have aligned with the fast update system used by Google and do not make many changes to the operating system.

Android 11 is not a version that comes with news that arouses enthusiasm, but only changes and punctually improves certain technical and graphic aspects.

The way message notifications from chat apps will be organized, with a focus on people, instead of apps. Messages will now be displayed above all other notifications.

To the extent that manufacturers will use the new Bubbles API, created by Google, chat applications will be able to issue “bubble notifications”, similar to those that Facebook Messenger has been offering for many years.

Smart home commands are now grouped in a new menu called Device Controls, which can be accessed with a long press of the Power button.

A new menu, called Media Controls, can be used to distribute audio and video content to other devices, whether it’s music played on Bluetooth headphones or movies played on TV via Chromecast.

There are some notable improvements on the privacy side as well. For example, the user can now grant access rights only once to an application – a single use of the location function, one-time access to the microphone, and so on.