For months it had been mentioned that Google was working on a new platform that would combine its best work tools in a single tool to improve productivity, well, that tool has been made official under the name of Google Workspace, or “Google Workspace.”

In Google Workspace we have full integration between Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheet, Slides and Meet, so we can access all these services from the same place.

De G Suite a Google Workspace

This new platform is not for all users, as it is basically the evolution of G Sute, so users with business accounts will be able to try Workspace later. Google’s idea with this platform is that all the productivity applications offered by the company are available from one place so that it is very easy to create a project, add coworkers, create a shared document, view the team’s work calendar. , make a video call to refine details and much more, all this without searching application by application, all from a single screen.

Also, we have some exclusive functions that we don’t know if they will reach other users later, but that at least those who use Workspace will be able to try before others. Those functions are as follows:

  • Preview links in a document: See the content of the link without having to open it.

  • Picture in picture on Meet: the video call sale will be smaller and you can do other things without leaving the video call. This feature will arrive in the coming months.

  • Create documents from a chat: It is also a feature that will arrive in the coming months and will allow you to create a Google document directly from a chat with the work team to start working quickly and easily.

  • Smart chip: function that will provide context and suggest actions to each function within Workspace based on each worker member.

The future of remote work

With Workspace Google wants people to bet more on its platform, in fact, Javier Soltero, vice president in charge of Google Workspace mentioned for The Verge that Workspace is “the end of the office as we know it”, so they know that the future of remote working is important to many companies.

Despite the fact that Google wants to compete in this way against Microsoft Teams that also offers similar options and a unified teamwork platform, the Mountain View company has mentioned that they are not closed to allowing third-party applications to be integrated into Workspace later.