Technology has become essential for health and although there are already apps and wearables focused on monitoring sleep, now it is the turn of Google Assistant dabble in this area.

Approximately one year ago, Google’s purchase of Fitbit was made official in order to compete against other devices like the Apple Watch.

Since the purchase was made, both companies have worked together to unify their services and now we will see it in Google Assistant, one of the most popular virtual assistants today.

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Google Assistant integrates Fitbit functions

Fitbit is a brand highly recognized for its wearables that aim to focus on sports and the health of users, implementing functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, a calorie or step count and much more.

Another of those functions lies in the sleep monitoring that indicates how many hours the user slept and how long it was a deep or light rest.

Now, Google Assistant is starting to showcase features that integrate with sport and activity tracking apps. The smart assistant had already been updated to integrate useful news for shopping, music, weather and more.

However, one of the most prominent updates is Wellnes, which, for now, it is only possible to link the app from Fitbit in this new option in the wizard, but it is a section with which to link Google Assistant to wellness apps like physical activity, steps, calories, and sleep monitoring.

In this way, users will already be able to know relevant data to prioritize their health, from the hand of experts.

For now, it seems that this is a limited option and it is not known when it could begin to be extended among all users of Android that they have Google Assistant. Hopefully it happens soon.

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We will be aware of more information.