Although Android 11 was released this month, and still has a long way to go to reach millions of users worldwide, that does not mean that Google is not working on the next version of its operating system, in fact, today it announced the first big change that users and developers will find in the new version.

It will be easier to install applications from third-party stores

In its blog for developers, the Mountain View company spoke about current concerns to facilitate the use of application installation on Android from third-party stores, that is, any other than the Play Store, such as Huawei’s App Gallery or the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Google says it will make it easier for everyone to use third-party app stores on Android devices as long as care is taken not to compromise the security measures that govern their operating system. The company promises to elaborate on this in the future.

This is certainly good news for many developers who do not agree with Google’s policy on Play Store applications. Epic Games is one of the companies that disagrees with Google and Apple policy, and that led to the dispute that ended with Fortnite being kicked out of the Play Store and with a lawsuit against Apple and Google by Epic Games.

Fortunately Fortnite can be installed from third-party stores on Android, but on iOS this is impossible, and while Apple is tougher with this type of situation, Google wants to give more freedom to users and developers to avoid more problems like the one that currently exists. with Fortnite, even mentioning the following “if a developer and Google disagree on commercial terms, the developer can still distribute on the Android platform”.

Google’s commission on the Play Store will not change

Another important point that they touch on in this announcement is that the 30% commission charged for each transaction on Android will continue to exist and will be mandatory for all those applications that want to be available in the Google store, in fact, Google has stressed that all Developers who sell digital products in their applications are required to use the company’s payment system before September 30, 2021.

Even with this, the Mountain View company is also aware of the current situation, and reveals that there will be some applications that will not have to use Google’s payment system, and therefore will be exempt from the commission for another year, and even They will review the situation again over the next year to see if it is necessary to extend this benefit to all developers who have been affected by the pandemic, such as Airbnb, which has even complained that Apple has notified them that they should pay the 30% commission back to the company again.