Goodbye to Perón ?: Racing does not rule out renaming the Avellaneda Cylinder to finance the stadium works

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Today, there is the idea of ​​changing the name. Although if a company comes to help accelerate the works and it must be changed, it will be done, said Víctor Blanco when announcing the Modernization Plan that will be carried out between 2021 and 2025.

A renovated stadium, with expanded stalls, new entrances, better boxes and press sector, elevators and a FIFA-style tunnel to jump onto the field of play. All that imagines Racing for the Cilindro de Avellaneda. Also a new name?

“Today, there is no idea to change the name of the Cylinder. Although if a company comes to help accelerate the works and it has to be changed, it will be done ”, said Víctor Blanco at the press conference he gave this Monday to announce the Modernization Plan that the club will carry out between 2021 and 2025. They will be invested $ 20 million in that period and the president did not rule out that the stadium ceases to be called President Perón.

The subject makes noise on social networks. And although it was never officially raised, there were virtual discussions between supporters of Juan Domingo Perón and other fans who reject the General. Also, surveys. Any similarity to national politics is not pure coincidence. Those who want to rename the stadium ask that it be called Juan José Pizzuti, the highest celestial and white emblem, who died on January 24 of this year.

“If we receive an interesting commercial proposal that allows accelerating the development of the modernization plan, of course we will consider it,” Patricio Rotman, a leader who is in charge of the infrastructure area, told him. Clarion.

He namingIt is clear, it has a price as it happens with the great stadiums of Europe. That’s what Racing aims at. To take a step forward and upgrade his field, which turned 70 on September 3 and bears the name of Perón because the Cylinder was built during his presidency. There was a contribution of 3 million pesos (730 thousand dollars at the exchange of the time), which would later be 8 million more to be returned within a period of no more than 65 years.

The great promoter was Ramón Cereijo, then Minister of Finance and a fan of the Academia. The General, according to Antonio Cafiero, was a Boca sympathizer. “I did not say it to take care of the other fans,” declared the Peronist leader – now deceased – and grandfather of Santiago, current Chief of Cabinet of Alberto Fernández.

During the presentation were Blanco, Rotman, Vice President Alfredo Chiodini, Bárbara –daughter of the President and General Secretary-, Treasurer Pablo Mena and leaders Daniel García and Roberto Martínez Alvarez. In addition, the architect Joaquín Sánchez Gómez participated in representation of the MSGSSS studio, in charge of the project in which Oficina Urbana and GBD also participate.

Racing will be financed with its own funds despite the context of crisis in the country. “The pandemic delayed everything we had thought,” admitted Blanco. Between November and December, Stage Zero will end and Stage One will begin, divided into three phases.

The beginning will be marked by the adaptation to international standards, with a detail: FIFA exit through the central area, comprehensive reform of changing rooms, modification of the perimeter pit, accessibility for boxes and stalls with the installation of an elevator, improvements in accesses and toilets and a new sector of upper tray press.

The second part will focus on spectator services, which will include a new sector for people with disabilities, technical areas for access to the playing field, comprehensive reform of boxes in sector A, extension of stalls from sector A to the playing field, brand new areas of access and services to the spectator and reforms of the points of entry.

Finally, the third part will be focused on the expansion of the improvements with the extension of the stalls from sector B to the playing field, new boxes in Sector B, new access areas and services to the spectator and comprehensive reform of the playing field.

“The five-year term is reasonable, but we do not rule out that it may be shortened depending on the eventual entry of investors. We never close ourselves to talks and ideas that can innovate ”, pointed out Blanco, who not only seeks the consolidation of football; too, adapt the stadium to the times. Name included, if necessary.


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