Goodbye to Maradona: a universe so badly made that even superheroes die

When Diego had a chance to enjoy the joy he had earned, the body made him pay all the bills.

Some may say that he had taken too many risks, and it will be difficult to contradict them. That he had made too many mistakes, that he had made too many decisions that left his health aside. They will also say that Diego Maradona did not take care of that body that had already suffered too much abuse. Yes, they are right.

Of course, the man was closer to being an old man than to being a boy – that boy who very quickly had to stop being to feed the family that had bankrolled his career. And just when it was time to enjoy the accumulated capital, to punish without guilt the body that no longer needed to be impeccable to continue wearing the 10 in Argentina, or the Boca, or the Napoli, right there that body happened together those accumulated bills that Diego hid everything he could under the rug.

Diego is still alive, others will say. He will remain alive every time we see his goals on the screens or remember the phrases that were recorded in the collective memory, they will tell us. But Diego will not be there. And not only will he not be able to give us new phrases, nor could he have given us stunts or goals in the field for a long time. Will still be alive, in any case, from our selfishness. Because in particular, while we are going to be able to dazzle us with his magic again, he is not going to enjoy that happy life that he had earned by spreading joys.

“It is the law of life”, it is often said before news like this, impossible to assume. The concrete thing is that not even he, who did all the known magic tricks, could escape fate when he was dealt the defeat card, in a poorly made universe in which even superheroes die.

It’s the law of life, yes. But it’s a shitty law.



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