Far from improving, things continue to get complicated for Huawei when it comes to its relationship with the United States, and with the current situation where the company is even having problems to manufacture its Kirin chips, it seems that the firm has taken the decision to accelerate your plan B and launch your first smartphone without Android for next year.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Division mentioned in an interview for a medium in China that your first phone with Harmony OS will be released in 2021. This is something that has been rumored for a long time, even for a while it was said that the Huawei P40 would be the first with Harmony OS, although in the end it was not.

In Huawei they have always mentioned that they want to continue working with Android for as long as possible, since creating an operating system that can compete with Android and iOS is not an easy task, and requires a lot of investment of time and money. A very clear example is the case of the App Gallery, which little by little is filling up with applications to compete with the Play Store, but which still has a long way to go, so Huawei will have to find a way to carry everything this work to Harmony OS, and above all to continue promoting the development of third parties in its new operating system to make it more interesting and useful for the user.

Your first phone without Android is not the final goodbye to Google’s operating system

Richard Yu does not reveal many details about what this first phone without Android will mean, we know that Huawei’s central idea is that Harmony OS works on a multitude of devices, in fact, that is the same thing that the company is currently trying to do with its products. in the market, that their ecosystem works perfectly and better than other options on the market, however, with all and the current limitations that Huawei has when using Android, abandoning the operating system is not something they can do easily.

The advantage that Huawei currently has is that users can install practically any application for Android on their phones, and it is even possible to install Google services to use without problems those applications that require them to function, although Huawei is gradually achieving that more applications for your devices work just as well with Huawei Mobile Services.

However, selling a phone without Android in the West is complicated by dependence on the services of the Mountain View company in this part of the planet, we still do not know exactly if Harmony OS will support current Android applications without problems, and more importantly, if the App Gallery and all its apps will be able to function there as soon as it is officially launched on the market.

For that reason, Huawei can’t just say goodbye to Android, at least not until Harmony OS reaches a level of performance similar to what the company’s Android AOSP phones have today.

Harmony OS 2.0 will probably be announced at the Huawei developer event that will take place on September 10, and surely here we will have more details of what we could see in the first smartphone with Harmony OS from the Chinese firm.