Godzilla vs. Kong could be streaming directly

The latest in a series of cinematic “victims” of the ongoing pandemic, the sequel Godzilla vs. Kong could skip the theatrical release and stream directly. Netflix and HBO Max in contention.

It is likely, according to American sources, that we will see Godzilla vs. Kong, which, as per the promotional image, places the two most famous giant monsters in the history of cinema facing each other on the more or less large screens of our TVs.

The Legendary Pictures it would have in fact decided to sell it in streaming to the highest bidder: Netflix he offered the hefty sum of 200 million dollars, but it seems that he is also in contention HBO Max, which – being 25% per cent of Warner – seems the most accredited candidate. It must be said that a representative of Warner Bros. has denied the news claiming that the film will be released as planned in theaters next year.

Netflix as is known it does not cover the Chinese market, where the previous films of King Kong they went very well, and therefore it is not said that Godzilla vs. Kong esca everywhere streaming. The fourth film in the series relaunched by Godzilla of 2014 is directed by Adam Wingard and is played by Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall e Alexander Skarsgard in the main roles. At the moment the exit remains fixed at May 21, 2021, awaiting future decisions on the matter.


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