In addition to the revelation of the exact release date and prices for the two versions of PlayStation 5, one of the strong points of the PlayStation Showcase on September 16 was the confirmation that a new God of War is in development.

Although his name was not revealed, the announcement was made showing the logo of the relaunch of God of War 2018 in blue, while Kratos says off ‘You need to prepare’.

The logo is blurred to give entry to the phrase ‘Ragnarök is Coming’ and then it appears to frame ‘2021’.

The announcement took many by surprise, be it for the closeness of the intended release date or by the simple fact that it is the sequel to one of the best games of the entire catalog of PlayStation 4.

But while it seemed like a revelation that came completely out of nowhere, the truth is that for more than a year the director of the game Cory Barlog He had given us a preview of what was to come, nothing more than no one noticed.

In April 2019, Barlog published a thread of 17 tweets to share some ins and outs of creating the relaunch of God of War, including anecdotes and problems during production, all accompanied by photos behind the scenes.

What nobody saw is that the first letter of all tweets -with the exception of the last one- when they come together they form the phrase ‘Ragnarok is Coming’. Open the thread and install it:

And now that everyone has noticed this notice, Barlog joked about it tweeting ‘P * nches leaks’.

God of War 2018 was a title that won unanimous applause from critics and the public. Veterans of the saga were amazed at the way Santo Monica Studio revitalized completely a saga that had fallen into a rut of reiteration and lack of innovation, while the new public was delighted by the gameplay and the powerful visuals.

Not for nothing does the new game, whose real title is still unknown, takes all the enthusiasm of the fanatic on the shoulders.