TSN’s The Problem of Pain document reveals harsh situations behind the scenes in the NHL. The use of NSAIDs is common on bucks.

Ended his career in 2019 with hip ailments Ryan Kesler has suffered from the use of painkillers afterwards. Kesler took pain to relieve a drug often called Toradol, which is not recommended for long-term use.

The attacker wanted to play at any cost. He didn’t want to be a player who doesn’t fight through injuries.

– Players can lie about this, but every single player in the locker room used painkillers. It would be important for doctors to explain the risks to everyone, Kesler says in the document.

According to doctors, Toradol should not be used for more than five days.

Kesler was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as early as 2015. He currently suffers from Crohn’s disease and digestive problems. Doctors say the reason is an overuse of Toradol.

– I had holes and ulcers in my gut and my internal organs had cramps. It is very unpleasant. You have to go to the toilet 30 to 40 times a day. And when you go, it’s just blood. It’s awful – it starves you.

Not enough information

The document also features LIFK, which represented HIFK in the period 2018–2019 Kyle Quincey. The defender has experience with the same painkillers.

– If you took Toradol, it covered all the pain. I felt like a superman. I could have even gone through the wall. It didn’t happen to me, he describes.

– Understanding is completely zero. No one tells us what this drug does.

Sports agent Kurt Overhardtin according to some players use Toradol regularly. The goal is to survive the game, even if there is no bigger injury.

Several agents told TSN that they have customers who use that drug before each regular season match.

– The responsibility falls on the shoulders of doctors and coaches. If you believe players, how can it be that they are given prescription drugs for five days throughout the season and not told what can follow? TSN: n Rick Westhead wondering.

Physics coach of the former AHL Justin Roethlingshoeferin according to doctors are in a difficult position.

– Why don’t we want to talk about it? Because if we talk, we get fired. They (the club) want to make sure you’re allied primarily with the coaching ladder, not the players, Roethlingshoefer says.

Roethlinshoefer was fired from the Anaheim Ducks organization for recommending alternative therapies to players.

You can view the full document from this link.