Globo will choose debutant to live Juma Marruá in remake of ‘Pantanal’

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After Bruno Luperi affirms that the remake of the soap opera “Pantanal” will be faithful to the plot shown in 1990 by the defunct Rede Manchete, it is certain that the show will reveal an actress in the role of Juma (Cristiana Oliveira in the first version). The information was provided by TV columnist Patricia Kogut, from the newspaper “O Globo”, on Monday (19) and the decision not to choose a known name was taken by the direction of the booklet, which should only air in 2022 and not more next year. Also according to the publication, the team will seek an actress who is physically similar to Cristiana.

Globo will record soap opera ‘Pantanal’ in loco

As soon as Globo announced the remake of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s novel, several names began to cheer on social media to experience the “woman-jaguar”. Among them, Rafa Kalimann, Vanessa Giácomo, Lucy Alves and Giullia Buscacio, currently in the team of competitors of “Dança dos Famous”. The intention is to bring “Pantanal” to today and record the plot in that location, just as Manchete did 30 years ago. If it is even postponed, “Olho por Olho”, by João Emanuel Carneiro, would be the unprecedented successor to “Um Lugar ao Sol”, a substitute for “Amor de Mãe”.

Globo starts thinking about names for the cast of ‘Pantanal’

Currently, the team is still in the conceptualization phase of the remake, which tells the story of José Leôncio and his family. At the same time, the Rio de Janeiro broadcaster began to probe names to live the other characters. Among them, Tadeu (Marcos Palmeira in 1990), Filomena (Jussara Freire in the first version) and Joventino (Marcos Winter in the original). The name of Antonio Fagundes has already been raised to live Joventino, in the first phase, José Leôncio and Velho do Rio, played by Claudio Marzo three decades ago.

‘Amor de Mãe’ has 2nd phase with deaths and kidnapping

Off the air for almost seven months, “Amor de Mãe” only returns to the grid in 2021 to present the final 23 chapters. Some details of this “second phase” are already known. Betina (Isis Valverde) and Davi (Vladimir Brichta) are going to contract the new coronavirus, and the nurse gets between life and death. The environmentalist, after recovering, is shot and narrowly dies. Whoever shoots at him is Belizário (Tuca Andrada), who ends up murdered. At the other end, Thelma (Adriana Esteves) kidnaps Lourdes (Regina Casé), but the nanny runs away and, in freedom, reveals that she is Danilo’s mother (Chay Suede) for the boy. Meanwhile, a new novel will stir the story.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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